How to Write an Airbnb Listing

rafting your Airbnb listing is essential to create a compelling introduction that captures the essence of your space. Mastering how to write an Airbnb listing can help you create a well-crafted introduction that sets the tone for the rest of your listing, enticing travellers to explore further and consider your space for their next stay.

The Importance of Airbnb Listing Descriptions

Airbnb listing descriptions are like magic portals, transporting potential guests into your unique space and sparking their imagination. They’re your chance to shine a spotlight on your property’s personality, charms, and the unforgettable experiences it offers.

Here are a few (of many) good reasons why mastering how to write an Airbnb listing is crucial:

  • It’s your first impression: In the digital age, your description is often guests’ first interaction with your Airbnb. Think of it as your virtual handshake, setting the tone for the entire guest experience.
  • It paints a vivid picture: Paint a picture of cozy mornings by the fireplace, stargazing from the rooftop terrace, or the refreshing dip in the private pool. Bring your space to life with descriptive language.
  • It highlights your unique selling points: Showcase your unique offerings and let guests know why your place is the perfect home away from home for them.
  • It attracts your ideal guests: Tailor your description to your target audience. Speak their language, address their needs, and highlight the aspects that would resonate with them most.

Your listing description is a powerful tool. So, unleash your inner storyteller, craft a description that sparks wanderlust, and watch your bookings soar!

How do you quantify a good listing description (that sells?)

Several quantifiable metrics can provide valuable insights into its success when evaluating the effectiveness of an Airbnb listing description. 

Pain Point 1: Incomplete or Vague Descriptions

Quantifying success:

  • Track the booking conversion rate, indicating the percentage of inquiries that lead to confirmed bookings.
  • Monitor the response time to inquiries, aiming for a prompt and helpful communication approach.

Pain Point 2: Unattractive Photos

Quantifying success:

  • Assess the engagement metrics, including the time users spend on your listing and the number of photos viewed.
  • Regularly update and improve photos to positively impact the overall appeal and booking potential.

Pain Point 3: Limited Visibility

Quantifying success:

  • Measure the click-through rate (CTR) to gauge how often users click on your listing in search results.
  • Analyze your listing’s search result rankings to ensure it appears prominently to potential guests.

Pain Point 4: Inconsistency Between Listing and Reality

Quantifying success:

  • Examine guest reviews and ratings, focusing on comments related to the accuracy of your listing description.
  • Measure repeat bookings, as guest satisfaction and trust in your listing can lead to returning guests.

Hosts can use these metrics to understand how well their Airbnb listing description performs and how to write an Airbnb listing better to optimize their performance in the competitive rental market.

5 Examples of Good Airbnb Listing Descriptions

Get some inspiration on how to write an Airbnb listing through these examples! 

  1. Mackenzie Cottage

Historic Log home in a country oasis. Nestled in the forest with a large pool just outside the back door, and quick access to some of the most beautiful and exciting trails in southern Ontario. Inside, surround yourself with the warmth of a log cabin circa 1815, as well as the soaring ceilings of the newer post and beam structure.

Why it’s a good listing:

  • Vivid images of the cabin in different seasons.
  • Close-ups of interior and exterior country home features.
  1. Lively 1+1 Lakeview Condo near CN Tower + Free Prk

Enjoy the stunning lake view in this open concept 700 sq ft condo with 9 ft ceilings, in the heart of the harbourfront. Right next to CN Tower, Rogers Centre, and Scotiabank Arena.  Includes parking space, TV, and internet. Gym, indoor-outdoor pool, Variety of restaurants and grocery stores steps away. Minutes walk to the subway, Union Station, the business district, and Billy Bishop City Airport.

Why it’s a good listing:

  • Spectacular images of Lake Ontario and the Toronto Islands.
  • Highlight other close-distance nearby facilities.
  1. 1100sq True Loft with Parking!

This 1100SQ hard loft with 2-floor open living space.  Stay in this character filled, artist loft in the west end(aka the best end) of Toronto!  Exposed brick and concrete floors. 1 parking spot included

Why it’s a good listing:

  • Different shots of the loft with artsy details.
  • Highlight a limitation in the description for guest awareness.
  1. Wooden guesthouse in the forest

This retreat is nestled on a hill with spectacular views, surrounded by 16 acres of towering trees overlooking a creek with a private waterfall and walking trails. Perfect for photographers and influencers.

Why it’s a good listing:

  • Excites guests who want to indulge in nature with some privacy advantages.
  • Helps guests identify the private and shared areas.
  1. Luxury 5 beds, 6 Baths custom home

Multi-million dollar custom home in Richvale Ontario.

Why it’s a good listing:

  • Killer first-sentence introduction.
  • Immediate highlights of luxury features.


Mastering how to write an Airbnb listing is a game-changer for hosts looking to attract more guests and elevate their property’s appeal. Start optimizing your ‘how to write an Airbnb listing’ skills to increase your property’s visibility in search results and build trust with potential guests, which leads to more bookings and positive experiences for hosts and visitors.