How to Manage Airbnb Complaints

As Airbnb owners, you always aim for top-notch services that leave the guests smiling, recommend our Airbnb to others, increase the likelihood of returning guests, and attract new ones. 

But things will sometimes get out of control, and you must learn how to manage Airbnb complaints effectively. 

What are the 5 common Airbnb complaints? 

  • Rental Cleanliness
  • Lack of Communication From the Host
  • Wifi Connection Issues 
  • Property Amenities Do Not Align With the Description
  • Poor Handling of Emergency

These are among the most common and reported complaints of Airbnbs. If you are willing to learn how to manage Airbnb complaints, your Airbnb will likely maintain positive ratings and reviews for quite some time. 

Managing Rental Cleanliness Complains 

Before the guests arrive, you always ensure that your Airbnb is clean, smells fresh, and all the furniture is coordinated the way you want. However, you will sometimes miss certain spots that will leave the guests with unwanted surprises, such as stained sheets and dusty surfaces. Oops!

How to manage Airbnb complaints relating to rental cleanliness: 

  1. Invest in Professional Cleaning Services: Consider hiring professional cleaning services specializing in short-term rentals that have experience in maintaining the cleanliness of Airbnb properties and can provide a thorough and efficient cleaning routine.
  1. Provide Cleaning Supplies for Guests: Offer guests basic cleaning supplies such as disinfectant wipes, sprays, and extra trash bags to maintain cleanliness during their stay and contribute to a cleaner overall experience.

Ignoring this complaint will damage your reputation as a host and your property for the long term.

Managing the Lack of Communication From the Host

Hosts are expected to provide essential information to guests before their arrival, such as check-in details, parking instructions, and house rules. In this regard, communication can leave guests clear and confident, impacting their overall experience and causing unnecessary stress upon arrival. Erm, hello?

How to manage Airbnb complaints relating to communication issues:

  • Provide a Welcome Guide: Offer guests a comprehensive welcome guide that includes essential information about the property, local recommendations, and clear instructions on contacting you that should be easily accessible within the property or through digital platforms. 
  • Set Clear Expectations in House Rules: Communicate your expectations regarding communication in your Airbnb listing’s house rules. Outline preferred methods of communication, response times, and any specific guidelines for reaching out.

Insufficient assistance to your guests will negatively impact the relationship between you and your guests and make it impossible to encourage them to trust your service again. So, because of that, you need to learn how to manage Airbnb complaints well. 

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Wifi Connection Issue

Guests may experience delays loading web pages, streaming content, or conducting online activities due to inadequate bandwidth or a poorly configured network. Status: Still loading…

How to manage Airbnb complaints relating to Wifi:

  1. Perform Regular Wifi Maintenance: Schedule regular maintenance checks on your wifi equipment to ensure optimal performance. Check for any issues, update firmware, and restart routers periodically. 
  1. Inform Wifi Limitation Expectations in the Listing: Accurately describe the limitations (if any) of the wifi connection in your listing for your guests to make prior internet arrangements before they arrive.  

If your WiFi is not fixed, you are irresponsibly affecting your guests’ stay experience and will lose your guests’ trust for not being transparent about the WiFi condition.  

Property Amenities Do Not align With the Description 

You mistakenly described that the Airbnb has a bathtub. How do you explain that to a lady who has packed ten bath bombs for a long-awaited me-time or someone who has booked the Airbnb just because it owns a bathtub? Uh oh…

How to manage Airbnb complaints relating to this issue:

  1. Update Listing Information Promptly: If there are changes to your property or its amenities, update your Airbnb listing immediately!  
  1. High-Quality Photos: Use clear images to highlight key features, providing visual confirmation for guests. 

Inaccurate information erodes trust between the host and guests. Guests may feel deceived, leading to losing credibility for the host — and trust is crucial in the sharing economy.

Poor Handling of Emergency  

Waiting in the cold at night for hours due to a lockout is not a fond memory, especially in a remote area, which may expose your guests to harm. Help!

How to manage Airbnb complaints relating to emergency management: 

  1. 24/7 Assistance: Ensure guests have access to a contact number or messaging platform that allows them to reach out in an emergency. In the absence of a phone, an emergency button outside the Airbnb would be great. 
  1. Collaborate with Local Services: Establish partnerships with local services, such as locksmiths, plumbers, and medical professionals, to ensure a quick response in emergencies. 

Failing to respond appropriately to emergencies could lead to legal consequences, including liability for damages or injuries sustained by guests. Hosts may be held accountable for negligence in providing a safe environment. 

Why is it important to address complaints from guests?

When you act on a complaint, it makes your guests feel important, attentive and listened to. Complaints help to highlight guests’ pain points you don’t realize in the first place. It also prevents future guests from facing similar unwanted issues when you understand how to manage Airbnb complaints.